Anyone interested in a 1x1 US Uk rp?

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Anyone interested in a 1x1 US Uk rp?

Post  Nixxie on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:06 pm

i just signed up on the website, but i really want to get into rpgs. Truth be told, i'm not as experienced in rp's as i would like to be. but i want to get better with them! Smile
but anyways, i was wondering if anyone wanted to do a 1x1 America x England rp with me? I don't have a problem with romance, or whatever. USUK just happens to be one of my favorite pairings from Hetalia. I honestly feel more comfortable as America, so if anyone would be willing to be England that would be great! Smile
i guess after someone volunteers we can talk about plot and stuff.

Anyways, looking forward to finally getting into a hetalia rp! Very Happy
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Re: Anyone interested in a 1x1 US Uk rp?

Post  AwesomeMein on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:40 pm

Hello and welcome!
I'm the founder, and this is my Fem!Prussia account. How it works is that you have to create your account just for a certain character. Like on how this one, I can only be Prussia, You can always make more accounts so don't worry! :)
So like on how you want to do an America and England rp, you can pick which ever one you'd like your account to be for. I hope I didn't make things confusing. xD So, basically, on this forum, there are no personal accounts aloud, so you'd have to change yours to a Hetalia character first before roleplaying. :3

Have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions~! 8D
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