OC, Try Outs, and Head canon info

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OC, Try Outs, and Head canon info

Post  HachiJinkx on Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:49 pm

Okay. So, this has been happening a bit more than I would like. But sorry guys.

OC's (original characters) are not allowed!

Canon's are welcomed. Canon meaning official characters in the manga.
And a reminder. This is lit format role play. Meaning no symbols such as '*, -, /' ect are aloud.
For short. As if you were reading in a book.

Applications/try outs:

There are some people now who I am not aware of how they roleplay. On many other forums, you are required to do a try out of the character. This is so then I know that you really know your character and will be able to do more of a serious rp. :3 It would be annoying if your character was absolutely not even close to canon personalities.

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