How to create your Head!Canon page

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How to create your Head!Canon page

Post  HachiJinkx on Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:34 pm

Head canon page! This is how you add in your characters info.

Topic title example: "[1.] Italy Head!Canons"
If you feel like adding something new, DO NOT MAKE A NEW TOPIC. Press the "edit" button and add in the new thing. Each 'reply' is a different subject.


Have to have:
1. Insert full body drawing of character.
2. Human name and country
3. Relatives if any
4. Personality
5. Appearance

Suggestions that you can also add:
1. Fears
2. Relationships to other countries. (relate to as many as you want)
3. Favorite things and hobbies

lala just be creative and add whatever! An example of my Fem!Prussia's head canon page will be here soon for reference.

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