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Nyotalia Germany Headcanon

Post  Doitsuko on Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:16 pm

((*shamelessly admits that she was waiting for someone other to make the first headcanon thread*))

Name: Ludovika "Luise" Beilschmidt
Country: Federal republik Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
Capital: Berlin
Relatives: Ludwig Beilschmidt (Germany; male counterpart), Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia; older brother), Julchen Beilschmidt (Prussia; older sister), Saxony (sibling), Bavaria (sibling), Hesse (sibling), Germania (ancestor)

Physical appearance
Age: 20 Years
Height: 180 cm (5'11")
Weight: 83 kg (182.98 lb)
Eyecolour: Blue
Haircolour: Blonde

Additional Info
Luise got reading glasses but never really uses them, as she believes it is not necessary.

Luise isn't too different from Ludwig, as she is shown to have the same serious characteristics as him. Still, compared to him - even if she loves it to organize everything and everyone - she prefers it to stay in the background and don't draw too much attention on her.

On the outside, she seems to be cold and unterinterested, but secretly, she states her opinion on most of the random conversations she hears, just without speaking it out aloud.

The second world war is, as expected, a very sensitive topic for her, and if mocked enough, she gets extremely angry and agressive, or ends up crying while suffering from a nervous breakdown. The reaction is depending on the exact situation, but always ends as somewhat traumatic for her.

Luise has self-pity about many aspects, but would never admit this openly, as it isn't a positive attitude of her.

Also, she is a very precisely when it comes to cleaning. She can't stand dirt in her own house, and will feel bothered till she is able to get rid of it.

Ludovika is easily embarrased and disconcerted which leads to her clothing style which mostly includes loose and comfortable, as well as masculine/neutral clothing. Since she isn't showing much of herself, she tells herself that there is no flaw in her looks that someone would notice.


Ludwig Beilschmidt: The two have many things in common, and get along pretty well. Luise only reacts extremely embarrassed when Ludwig tries to get everything under control - by yelling.

Julchen Beilschmidt: As strict she may be, she would forgive her sister nearly anything. There isn't anything worse enough to make her angry on Julchen for a longer time period. She might ignores her if she gets angry, but after a few days maximum she will try to act as if nothing happened and eventually excuse for making her sister feel bad.

Gilbert Beilschmidt: She truly feels close to him, but since he is probably one of the loudest people on the whole planet, Ludovika is sometimes uncomfortable to be with him in public, which seems more as a mean thing to everyone other than herself. Still, he is a part of her family she would never want to miss.

Alice Kirkland (fem!England): An old foe and friend of Luise. Sharing a troublesome history, they both try to get closer to each other again and again, mostly failing as they normally fight against each other in wars, instead of helping each other. In modern times, they have a neutral, to friendly relationship and consider each other as friends.

((That's all for now, maybe I'll write more later~~))
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